StarCraft 2 Beta This Month

Posted by Ian "Smoochy" Ross at 11 February 2010 00:14

Blizzard announced during the conference call today (February the 10th) that the beta will be launched this month.

The conference call that took place today provided the eager StarCraft community with the most sought after of information as of late. We have confirmation from an official source that the StarCraft 2 beta will launch in the month of February, 2010.

The call shared by game developers Activision and Blizzard Entertainment started out very technical and business oriented, with emphasis on their net revenues from 2009. It then moved on to a representative from Activision discussing the success of their Guitar Hero and Call of Duty franchises, and how they anticipate that their newest games will also do quite well.

Then Blizzard's president and co-founder Michael Morhaime took the floor, and started by saying why they think 2010 will be the biggest year in Blizzard's history. Without any more delay, he confirmed that the StarCraft 2 beta will go live later this month. He said the beta will be released on a global scale to thousands of testers, and stressed why this is such an exciting development for Blizzard.

Aside from gathering feedback for the developers, this will help generate additional excitement for StarCraft 2.
- Michael Morhaime

Though an exact date was not officially given, what was said during this highly-anticipated conference call did not fail to deliver uplifting news.


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