ESL Major Series: IdrA vs Strelok in the finals

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 01 February 2010 18:07
eslfinals.jpgIt's been a long season, we've had some upsets and some underdogs making it really exciting, but all of that is now over. It's time for the finals. Strelok takes on IdrA in a terran versus terran finals.

The games will be streamed at 18:30 CET when Strelok and IdrA will fight each other for the first place prize of €450, and the second place taking home €200.
Though, the first games streamed will be the bronze finals between White-Ra and newcomer, and ESL Major Series underdog, kogeT. The third place winner will take home €100, and the fourth place will leave empty handed.

With money on risk the games will be very exciting, so don't miss out the stream. Place your Gosubets wisely here.


IdrA is the ESL Major Series - Seaon 5 champion after his 3-1 victory defeating Strelok. IdrA takes home €450, while Strelok goes home with €200. IdrA has been dominating the foreign scene lately, so this wasn't really unexpected, but he did lose the first game against Strelok which made things interesting.

kogeT amazingly managed to grab the third place and €100 from White-Ra, after beating the Ukraine veteran 3-1.

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