iCCup CL Season 11 - Week 6

Posted by Lukasz "McBat" Grzelak at 29 January 2010 21:25
ICCUP CL - Week 6
Russia fOsc1-3Spain LRMdraw
Russia RoX.KiS1-3Poland ZZZdraw
Netherlands iG1-4Germany mouzdraw
Germany ToT2-3Europe DuskBindraw
Europe NrT2-3Germany ex-v1odraw

ICCUP CL 11 Standings
rank name W-Lscore
1stEurope DuskBin5-127 pts
2ndGermany ToT5-126 pts
2ndGermany mouz5-126 pts
4thPoland ZZZ3-316 pts
5thEurope NrT2-415 pts
5thGermany eX-v1o2-415 pts
5thSpain LRM3-315 pts
8thRussia fOsc2-413 pts
8thNetherlands iG2-413 pts
Three rounds prior to the end of iCCup Clan League, three teams have a tangible edge over the rest. Will they be able to hold it and if they do, which team will prove to be the best at the end?

The answer to this question is very difficult because DuskBin, ToT and mouz all have almost the same amount of points and they all already played against each other, except of ToT vs mouz. In conclusion, it all will depend on the results against other teams mostly. Every point counts now.

This week DuskBin managed to win against ToT, but the tight score 3-2 speaks for itself. Mouz was able to take 5 points from the match against iG and thus came back on the second spot on the scoreboard.

The fourth place belongs now to ZZZ, which won against RoX.KiS and got some points from the reversed game with NrT. Neo Roxes on the other hand didn't present themselves as good as they used to and lost to ex-v1o this time.

As you can see there is no longer RoX.KiS in the table with current standings. It is due to the latest RoX.Bruce's statement, that his team decided to forfeit its participation from all leagues.

GosuGamers, keeping the trend, asked LRM's and fOsc's team managers question on what they think about their recent matches and hopes for the future in iCCup CL.

- We had big expectations before the CW against fOsc and we achieved the victory. We used wildcard in 4th game, so we had to do a great job for getting the CW in that moment and leaving the pressure of 1-game-CW, and my teammates KenZy, TemujiN and Rondo didn't defraud me and got a momentarily 3-0.
Next week we are facing ex-v1o. This season they are having a great roster, and we must raise a good strategy for beating them.

- Unfortunately fOsc hasn't been able to show many satisfying results in this season yet. Currently we are holding one of the last spots in iCCup CL, thus being involved in the unpleasant struggle against relegation. Furthermore we had (and still have) to deal with the inactivity of some of our key-players - and westside leaving our team.
To make matters worse we will still have to face three truly powerful teams starting with the match against mousesports next Saturday. But that is only one part of the story: on the other hand our team recently improved its roster by adding several new faces. One of them is the famous Brazilian international Assaf - followed by his fellow countrymen StarDeath, Pegazus and Supp0rt. Another good news is that Hannigan (now fOsc.Mischenko) is going to support our team in the future. This gives me reason to keep up a positive basic adjustment. We will try to make the most of our difficult situation in iCCup Cl in order to stay in the first division.
About our lineup vs mouz I cannot tell if we will come up with our new entrants or if you will see some old faces again.

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