BWCL Season 34 Recap

Posted by Tony "ReiKo" Španjol at 25 January 2010 10:14

BWCL Finals
Germany mouz5-1Europe NrT
Ukraine Strelok2-0Romania Ultraling
Poland MaNa2-1Romania FlaF
Hungary Sziky2-1Romania Preator
Poland Dreiven1-2Poland Bonyth
Chile Belladona
Germany GhosTa
2-1Poland DieStar
Poland Bonyth
Latvia westside
Germany GhosTa
2-0Poland DieStar
Poland KlinGa

BWCL 34 Final Standings
1stGermany mouz10-0-155 pts
2ndKorea NrT8-1-246 pts
3rdUnited States pandemic7-2-245 pts
4thPoland ZZZ7-2-242 pts
5thGermany eX-v1o5-3-337 pts
6thSpain LRM5-4-234pts
7thCzech Republic ]DK[3-7-131 pts
7thGermany IPS3-6-231 pts
9thEurope Get2-6-326 pts
10thCanada NrG2-6-324 pts
11thRussia fOsc2-6-323 pts
12thGermany SL0-11-00 pts

With mouz defeating NrT and cementing their 1st position in BWCL div 1A, we are witnessing another great ending to Brood War Clan League.

With yesterdays matches finished, we close another chapter in Brood War history with one of oldest leagues - BWCL. As you can see, mousesports, former ESC team won the 1st place again and NrT. clan is holding the 2nd one. From our last report there are some changes in lower part of the ladder, most significant - Los reyes del Mambo coming to 6th place and Fellowship of StarCraft falling to 11th and by that getting eliminated from BWCL Div 1A. German clans like Extreme-Violent and Intelligent Playing Systems hold respective 5th and 7th places while Polish ZZZ this time conquers 4th place. Take notice that Riders on the Storm, known as ]DK[ shares 7th place with IPS.

In any case, this season was very exciting and we hope another one will be at least half exciting and fun as the one that is now behind us. We also hope we will see new prominent clans joining this league, so be sure to download new mappack and brace yourself for BWCL season 35.

As always, we did and interview with the winners and in this case it's mouz.Max who was our chit-chat friend. How do you feel about your win against NrT and can you comment on the match a bit more?

mouz.MaX:I think we had some pretty nice games vs NrT, especially the MaNa-vs-FlaF-series was really exciting and close. A 5-1 looks pretty clear but we had a couple of close 2-1 victories. So i would like to thank NrT who gave us a tough fight in this season. I'm really happy that we were able to achieve the 7th title in a row now. do you think mousesports won this season?

mouz.MaX:I think we are the clear favorite in the BWCL due to our good line-up but its not natural to fulfill this role each time. Our 1v1 line-up is always decent but the 2v2 is key in the BWCL and we could really improve it in the past weeks. That makes it so hard to beat us in the BWCL. will the players get for wining the league?

Well they wont get anything specific for it. Thats just the usual work we do. are your plans for next season and do you think you have good chances for another championship?

mouz.MaX:We are of course aiming for the 8th title and we are definitely the favorites again. I'm really hoping that we can see much more of these casts and we are trying our very best to realize it more often for such top matches. I hope thats appreciated and let us know if you have any ideas to improve it!

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