Who did get a grip on latest Zotac Cups?

Posted by Tony "ReiKo" Španjol at 18 January 2010 00:32
Road to the Finals
Ukraine White_Ra
2-0 vs GameShuter
2-1 vs XiaOzI
3-0 vs Strelok

Germany Closer
2-1 vs White_Ra
2-1 vs Machine
3-1 vs Yoon

Latest iterations of Zotac cup were won by Ukrainian White_Ra and prominent player from Germany - mTw.MF clan member Closer.

As he isn't dominating enough, Ukrainian Protoss monster White_Ra won Zotac Cup #36 with ease, keeping in mind that he was playing his countryman Strelok in the finals.

Another cup, another story. In Zotac Cup #37 White_Ra came back for more money just to be stopped by Closer that in the end won the whole thing and became one of the many Zotac Cup title holders.

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Links - Zotac Cup #36 Brackets - Zotac Cup #37 Brackets


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