TSL 2: R1 - Results

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 09 January 2010 20:31

TSL2 R1 Results
Saturday, January 9th, 15:00 CET
Lithuania Arew0-2Spain MikOeL
Ukraine Marwin1-2Germany GhosTa
Saturday, January 9th, 16:00 CET
Germany HoRRoR2-1Bulgaria NeMu
Germany KolllppSweden Naugrim
Germany iNfeRnaL2-1Poland Sawyer
Saturday, January 9th, 17:00 CET
Denmark Avi-Love2-1Sweden Datoby
Norway Drone0-2Germany Closer
Saturday, January 9th, 18:00 CET
Peru CaStrO2-0Poland Shad
United States Nyoken0-2Poland Dreiven
Saturday, January 9th, 19:00 CET
United States G52-0Italy Cloud
United States KawaiiRice0-2Austria Gamtja
United States iNcontroL2-1Bulgaria TechnicS
TSL2 R2 Results
Sunday, January 10th, 15:00 CET
France KenZy2-0Germany HoRRoR
Russia Casper2-1Poland Dreiven
Sweden Hayder0-2Germany iNfeRnaL
Sunday, January 10th, 16:00 CET
Lithuania Kr1-2Peru CaStrO
Macedonia OctZergvs Koll/Naugrim
Sunday, January 10th, 17:00 CET
Canada KabaL2-0Denmark Avi-Love
Chile KiLLeR0-2Germany Closer
Romania FlaF2-0United States G5
Sunday, January 10th, 18:00 CET
Romania Shaman2-0United States iNcontroL
Sunday, January 10th, 19:00 CET
Poland Tarson2-1Austria Gamtja
Canada XiaOzI2-1Spain MikOeL
Canada Yan1-2Germany GhosTa

The first round of the TSL 2 qualifications is done, MiOkeL defeats Arew and Eriador is out.

Naugrim vs Kolll has unfortunately been postponed till' Monday the 11th, and is the only match that hasn't been played yet.

MiOkeL, somewhat surprisingly, defeated Arew and will move on to the second round where he will battle it out with XiaOzI. Liquid'Drone will also be leaving the tournament after the games of Round 1, after a 2-0 loss to Closer who will be facing KiLLeR in Round 2.

No big surprises in round one, with only the Naugrim vs Kolll game left, and ofcourse the much anticipated game between Nony and IdrA for a spot directly into the Ro16 in the playoffs, which is being played in writing moment.

The second qualifications round starts tomorrow, Sunday the 10th. A lot of great matches will be played, Kr takes on CaStrO, Hayder will be facing iNfeRnaL in a ZvP and FlaF takes on G5 who qualified for the second round earlier this week by defeating Cloud.

G5 told Teamliquid in an interview that he had got help from White-Ra with theorycrafting, and preparing for the match against Cloud, will he do the same for the match against FlaF, and in that case does it give him an advantage?

To watch the Nony vs IdrA stream casted by Artosis and Chill follow the instructions in this link.

The replays of all the games have also been released, so if you haven't seen them yet, you can find them here.

Links - Source - Nony vs IdrA Stream


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