DHW09: BRAT_OK and Enivid after the Finals

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 30 November 2009 02:25

DreamHack is over for this time, and so is the Starcraft tournament. The playoffs with the top eight players from the qualifications battled it out, and eventually it came down to Enivid and BRAT_OK in the finals, where the Russian was happy to win the best of five series with a 3-0 score.

BRAT_OK came out on top and is the winner of Dreamhack Winter 2009. He will take home 25,000 SEK (~ $3580). Find out what he had to say after the finals by watching the video below. Later we'll also bring you a montage of Starcraft 2 clips we filmed at the Blizzard booth where you were able to try it out.

The finals were finished later than expected so we were unfortunately not able to catch up with Enivid at that time, but had the chance to ask him a few questions online.

How was Dreamhack?
Enivid: It was the first Dreamhack I went to, and I thought it was fun. It was cool to see all the people that I know from that I've never met in real life until now. It was also a success for me, so I'm very happy about how the tournament went.

Many of the people watching the game thought you had the upper-hand in both the second and the third game of the finals, what happened?
Enivid: In the second game I thought I was behind the whole game. I did some mistakes that added up. Like when I tried to recall I realized I was 10 energy short. So if I had waited a little while the game could be different. But it was close anyways. Third game I started off good, but he made an epansion I didn't know about so he turned it around as I made carriers but forgot to upgrade +4 interceptors, so they couldn't do enough damage - I guess that made the difference.

Enivid at Dreamhack Winter 2009

What's the reason for your mistakes?
Enivid: I was both tired and hungry, and the whole tournament took a really long time. (all the games of the playoffs were bo5). Nerves may have played a role too, I've never played with so many people watching - you could hear them cheering.

What will you spend your prizemoney on?
Enivid: Right now I don't need to spend them on anything so I will put them in my bank account.

Enivid: Shoutouts goes to all of my friends and my fans!

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