iCCup Clan League Winner Crowned

Posted by Lukasz "McBat" Grzelak at 23 November 2009 18:44

iCCup Clan League finals that took place last Saturday were one of the most exciting in their history. Fellowship of StarCraft against ESC.ICY-BOX, previous winner against previous runner-up. Both teams fighting for the money but mostly of all for their honor.

There were no doubts that both ESC and fOsc will bring everything best what they have. And they did! All in all it ended with 4-1 score in favor for ESC. You can see detailed results in the table below.

ESC.ICY-BOX vs Fellowship Of StarCraft
Ukraine White-Ra2 - 0 Canada Yan
Netherlands ret2 - 0 Korea JR
Chile DinOt 1 - 2 Latvia westside
Ukraine Strelok2 - 0 Chile Semafu
Chile Belladona
Germany Kyopo
2 - 1 Canada Yan
Korea JR

After the finals, GosuGamers asked both teams managers a few questions.


Did you expect that ESC will win?

- Yes, we took the CW really serious and showed up with a pretty good lineup. I was a bit uncertain before the CW cause Kolll wasn't able to show up but the draw looked pretty good for us. So I was pretty optimistic that we can get the revenge.

From what you said I assume that you were thinking about this finals as of some kind of revenge. Is this correct? Were you motivated better because of that?

We always aim for the title and the opponent doesn't matter too much.
- We lost vs fOsc in the last iCCup CL final, especially due to some all-in builds and that shouldn't happen again. We just wanted to show them that the last final was just an exception. I'm also not too happy about some of their Korean mercs and all these discussions. So these facts pushed as a bit, yea. But we always aim for the title and the opponent doesn't matter too much.

We saw ret playing in the Saturday's finals and we saw him playing against Korean player JR. What can you tell us about ret's performance? Is he better or worse since he is in Korea?

- I think it's tough to say anything about his current shape based on these two games. We knew that JR is often playing a bit all-inish. So Ret played two save games and won it. But overall I would say that he's pretty much on the same level right now. He wasn't able to play in the Estro house in the last weeks. But I'm sure that he can solve this problem soon to make his way in Korea.


What do you think about the finals and what is the reason of your loss?

- Well, it was quite disappointing that we lost this match, especially since there was some nice price money to win. I would have expected us to win. Unfortunately we were not able to show up with our best lineup. We were missing Skyline, Yeseul, Ipod and Jesus, who are our four best players. Of course those guys who played in the finals are very strong, too; but this time they were not strong enough. Only westside won his match – as usual. JR is in very good shape at the moment, but ret seems to be very strong since he is training as a progamer in Korea. It was quite surprising to me that Yan lost vs. White-ra this time even though he was very drunk. About the last games between Semafu and Strelok I can't say anything, because I did not see those games yet; I guess Strelok deserved to win. Well, this ESC took revenge for our last 5:0 victory… but we are ready to win the title again next season.
Thanks to all iCCup admins for the well-organized event and good luck to all teams next season!

Many people complain about Koreans playing for fOsc. What is your opinion about this issue?

We are happy to have some strong Koreans supporting our team!
- Yea, it's quite funny how famous foreign players lose vs. quite unknown Korean players… But seriously: who wants to see ESC and RoX winning every single every single event out there? Sine basically all strong foreign players are playing for ESC or RoX (which are sponsored teams) we are happy to have some strong Koreans supporting our team!

iCCup Clan League standings:
1st place - ESC.ICY-BOX (wins $600)
2nd place - Fellowship Of StarCraft (wins $300)
3rd place - Rox.KiS (wins $100)

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