Audio interview with Starcraft commentator Moletrap

StarCraft Sebastian “PolygonreVue” Sjöberg
With Moletrap, the five most subscribed veteran commentators have been interviewed, and hopefully it has brought the community some further insight into the larger scene behind the game of Starcraft.

Some readers of GosuGamers have expressed that there has been too strong a focus upon commentators connected to SC2GG. To that, this humble report says: Don't worry, exciting things are happening very soon that will of great interest to every Starcraft fan...

To download the interview as a podcast, go to the original post below. Without further ado, here are the words of Moletrap - complete with a slide show dedicated to the talented Terran player known as UpMaGiC. Enjoy:

Polygon reVue - Original post
Moletrap - Youtube channel