GosuCup Season 2: Grand Finals

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 20 October 2009 03:32

GosuCup Top 16
Poland eX-v1o)MaNa
Canada ToT)XiaOzi(
Ukraine LRM)HanniGan
Croatia LRM)Ptak
Germany ESC.Kolll
Peru RoX.KiS.Fenix
Ukraine ESC.Strelok
Sweden Enivid[MB]
United States ToT)yosh(
Mexico LRM)DeSka
Poland uZZZer
United States EG.Machine
Denmark Avi-Love
Macedonia LRM)OctZerg
Germany mTw.MF-FallY
United States EG.LzGamer

The Grand Finals of GosuCup Season 2 will be held at 19:00 CET on Saturday October the 24th, where the winners of this season's 16 GosuCups will battle each other to find out who's the best of the best. Don't miss it, we'll bring you livestreams!

It's been roughly five months since LRM)HanniGan claimed the first spot in the playoffs by winning the first GosuCup of this season, and it's finally time to see who will claim the throne of all the 16 GosuCup champions.

The playoffs will start at 19:00 CET on Saturday October the 24th, and we'll bring you livestreams for the event. We also have some prizes for the top three spots, which will hopefully make the competition even more intense for the contestants listed to the right.

1st prize: QPAD CT (m), T-shirt of his choice and a pin
2nd prize: QPAD CT (m) and a pin
3rd prize: QPAD CT (m) and a pin

Starting maps/map pool:
Round 1: Colosseum 2
Round 2: HBR
Round 3: Othello 1.1
Round 4: Destination

Don't forget to tune in and watch our livestream on Saturday, as this exciting season is coming to an end. Good luck to all of the contestants!

(please message marCoon or Warrior-350- for password)

- EG.Machine has replaced G5, he was unfortunately unable to play.
- LRM)OctZerg has replaced Wannabecool.

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