WCG Nationals @ Czech Republic

StarCraft Lasse “Enron” Engen

PredY won the national finals of WCG Czech Republic, but he won't go because WCG Czech Republic is not paying for the trip. Crow will take his spot instead, as he is willing to pay for his own ticket.

PredY defeated dOllaR first in the winner brackets, then proved himself worthy for China by beating him again as dOllaR was the winner of the loser brackets. However, the WCG Czech Republic organizations won't pay for the ticket, which made it difficult for PredY, but Crow bought himself a ticket, and is going instead.

With the finals in Czech Republic being finished, only the nationals in Chile remains, which according to the schedule will be played tonight. The finals is between tOsKY and DinOt.
UPDATE: tOsKY wins WCG Chile.

WCG 2009 Finalists
Poland 1st GOsia China 1st S.C.Fengzi
Poland 2nd Yayba China 2nd S.C.Toodming
Poland 3rd Draco China 3rd S.C.Pj
Germany 1st Kolll Taiwan 1st SEn
Germany 2nd mTw.HoRRoR Korea 1st Bisu
Mexico 1st Gosi[Kitty] Korea 2nd Stork
Russia 1st BRAT_OK Korea 3rd JaeDong
Russia 2nd Bruce Czech Republic 1st Crow
Russia 3rd Advokate Peru 1st Fenix
Italy 1st ClouD United States 1st IdrA
Ukraine 1st White-Ra United States 2nd Louder
Ukraine 2nd DIMAGA Croatia 1st Ptak
Malaysia 1st MarinE Panama 1st LimbiC
Chile 1st tOsKY
Lasse “Enron” Engen
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