Audio interview with DiggitySC - the smoothest voice in eSports?

StarCraft Sebastian “PolygonreVue” Sjöberg
The third installment of the interview series with Voices of Starcraft is here - this time presenting none other than DiggitySC, who with more than two years in the game as a Starcraft commentator can truly be called a veteran. Last week he reached 10,000 subscribers and in this interview he talks about how to celebrate, his experiences from BlizzCon and playing Starcraft 2 - and why we should all leave Huyk alone.

Diggity is a true gentleman and a Starcraft scholar, and this reporter felt very privileged to interview him. Many readers of GosuGamers will have watched and enjoyed his commentaries, and here is a chance of getting to know the man behind the voice some more. Click here to read the interview as text or download it as mp3, or just let loose the Youtube-clips below. Enjoy:

Part 1/3

part 2/3

Part 3/3

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