WCG Chengdu Participants

StarCraft Lasse “Enron” Engen

Only 17 countries are participating in this year's Starcraft tournament in the WCG grand finals.

Recently ThuocLao won the WCG nationals in Vietnam, but unfortunately he won't go because he have to pay for his own ticket. Most of the nationals are done now, and below you see a list of players that have qualified for the grand finals.
The nationals in Italy as well as WCG Panama, will be played on the 10th - 11th of October, and the the national finals for both Chile and Czech Republic will be played on the 17th - 18th of October.

WCG 2009 Finalists
Poland 1st GOsia China 1st S.C.Fengzi
Poland 2nd Yayba China 2nd S.C.Toodming
Poland 3rd Draco China 3rd S.C.Pj
Germany 1st Kolll Taiwan 1st SEn
Germany 2nd mTw.HoRRoR Korea 1st Bisu
Mexico 1st Gosi[Kitty] Korea 2nd Stork
Russia 1st BRAT_OK Korea 3rd JaeDong
Russia 2nd Bruce Vietnam Not going
Russia 3rd Advokate* Peru 1st Fenix
Italy 1st Italy United States 1st IdrA
Ukraine 1st White-Ra United States 2nd Louder
Ukraine 2nd DIMAGA* Croatia 1st Ptak
Malaysia 1st MarinE Panama 1st N/A
Chile 1st N/A Czech Republic 1st N/A

DIMAGA and Advokate will have to pay for their tickets to China, DIMAGA is going but it's still uncertain if Advokate is.
Lasse “Enron” Engen
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