Infernal Gamers acquire Fly.Mio

StarCraft Tony “ReiKo” Španjol
Infernal Gamers has long history of great results in eSports. Their Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Counter Strike and DoTA teams has always represented pinnacle of gaming in it's purest form. But, to stay on competitive level you always need to improve your roster and try to find potential young players that can bring in great results.


Because of that fact, iG. has recently recruited 20 years old Korean that is known by nickname Korea "Fly.Mio" and who is currently A+ on ICCup ladder. This Terran monster shown that no one is toying with him (not even Chuck Norris) as he played best of the best from Korean guilds like Korea [Name], Korea [z-zOne], Korea KT.MGW and Korea [S.G.]. Also, he managed to dismantle former ESC member Poland eX-v1o)MaNA in K.O Invitational Tournament. It seems he feels no fear towards "unpredictable" foreigners, show match versus Germany mTw.iNfeRnaL clearly represents that he will be force to make clear notice of.

Word on streets is that this Korean jewel has great carisma that will for sure help Infernal Gamers much more as we know that moral of team is very important in any sport and so it is in electronic one. In Korean fashion, Fly.Mio let his results speak for him rather then tongue and fingers that type articles so on recent clan war he won his first match 2-1 versus Sweden ieS.SpeCiaL.

For sure we can expect great things from this new iG. recruit and only wish him best of luck.

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