Transfers and Shake-ups in Korean StarCraft Scene

Posted by Simon "Go0g3n" at 21 August 2009 17:05

There's no need for a premise, so we'll get right to it. Lee Jae Dong [Jaedong] left Hwaseung OZ and is now holding a status of Free Agent, seeking a spot on another team. If you're from Mars and happen to now know who Mr. Lee Jae Dong is, here's a quick reminder: He is simply the best StarCraft player today, rated by Kespa at #1 with highest rating score of all time.

The motive behind this stunning move is quite simple - parent care. In a recent interview Lee's mother disclosed, that she's unhappy with her son's team engagement, as Jaedong's work load is immensely high.
It's been said, however, that Lee Jae Dong himself wanted to stay with OZ, but, being a teenager he cannot sign a contract and/or be fiscally and legally responsible, therefore his parents are taking decisions for him, obviously in his best interest.

As you know Jaedong practically carried the OZ team into Pro League finals this year, where the famous Zerg lost in the ACE match and, therefore, the tournament to SKT T1. The pressure and stress of such work load obviously impacted the Zerg, as he found himself on a bit of a slump closer to the end of the season.

The financial argument also exists, as OZ offered the legendary Zerg a base salary of $112.500/year with possible bonuses adding up to extra $50.000. Player's family, however, requested a base salary of $145.000 and an advance on bonuses as well.

It's yet unknown, whether Jaedong received any offers from other teams, it's confirmed, however, that at any time he can resign with OZ on the terms of his previous deal.

FYI: Kespa rulebook has a say on this too. If a player doesn't have a team assignment, he can't participate in any tournaments, supervised by Kespa, team or personal. That basically would leave GOM the only option for the legendary Zerg.

Jaedong, however, doesn't have a mid-season transfer market highlight on himself alone.

SKT T1 will spend the next season without Midas, while Bisu, Canata and Iloveoov all signed a new deal. A couple of weeks ago it was announced, that Iloveoov may leave his SKT coaching position to Boxer and join the armed forces.

CJ Entus engaged in new deals with Savior, Iris and Much, although there's a possibility of Much joining Air Force Team, as he'll have enlist for the army duty.

STX Soul kept Calm, Kal, Hwasin and July. Calm was signed for a whopping $100.000/year. Kal and Hwasin will get around $80.000, while July's salary has not been disclosed.

KT[F] re-signed everyone, but Shine, who's been having trouble finding time for StarCraft between studies and other engagements.

Wemade FOX remained at Status Quo. Nada and Mind stayed with the team. Nada, however, took a small pay cut, making his salary $90.000/year, while Mind's pay was raised to $50.000/year. Both players are eligible for bonuses, if the team performs well next season.

Woongjin Stars lost GGPlay, as he decided to retire due to worsening wrist injury.

Samsung KHAN kept the integrity and didn't make any significant changes.

eSTRO also kept things calm and cool. It's believed some eSTRO players got a small raise.

Last, but not least, MBC Hero says goodbye to Huyn, who refused to take a $4.000 pay cut and settle for $16.000/year. He will be looking for a new Pro-gaming home. It's believed, that other MBC players had to take a 5% pay cut.

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