Interview with HuskyStarcraft - the New Commentator on the Block

Posted by Sebastian "PolygonreVue" Sjöberg at 06 August 2009 20:30

The first ever interview with one of the brightest recent lights on the sky of Starcraft-commentators is here: HuskyStarcraft speaks about his ambitions, excitement over going to BlizzCon and hopes about Starcraft 2. Here's a snippet:

" You have previously mentioned that you will start making your own Youtube-show, tell us more.

Basically, it will be an eSports-show primarily focused on Starcraft 2. Right now, I can’t become a Youtube-partner because I don’t own the content of my videos (Ongamenet and MBC have the rights), so I sat down and tried to think of how to create original content that would still be about Starcraft - Brood War and The Sequel.

The concept I came up with goes something like this: On my show, I will track ladders, progress of players, tournaments and prizes, patches, strategies, news, etc. It will be 5-6 minute long show once a week, covering the basics and synthesising what’s going on in the scene. I will be filming myself with the camcorder provided by my fans, thanks again, and the first episode will air shortly after BlizzCon (in other words, sometime after the 22nd of August). There I will show lots of material, footage of Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, interviews with Artosis, Tasteless and general BlizzCon-stuff - everything that I can do to get my name out there.

I haven’t yet decided upon the name for my new channel, but all that is coming soon and I will make an announcement as soon as I can. "

Polygon reVue - Interview with HuskyStarcraft


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