SC2 Battle Report 3

StarCraft Morrell “mOnion” Munyon
That's right! It's the third Battle Report, not much else to say about it. You can follow this link to watch it! The video actually starts you at like minute 10, but just rewind it and you're good to go like a Taco Bell quesadilla.

You can also try this if the first link doesnt work.

I'm pretty positive this is an early leak, so I believe you could probably wait until the official release tomorrow? But I've always enjoyed opening my Christmas presents early, so why stop now?

It is, in fact, a Protoss v Zerg on a map we've never seen before called Scrap Yard, so this should be fun. Dustin Browder and Robert Simpson are commentating, as usual, so they'll keep you posted on everything happening in game.

This is, by far, the best Battle Report so far. Although some of the renders are old (infestor/spawning pool), you get to see a ton of the higher tech units that we've been dying to see in action.

Heard the Phoenix was fast? Just wait until you actually see how fast that sucker is. We see how effective Nullifiers are in the early game, Infestor mind control, tons of warp in, blink micro, Immortals, Roaches, and more.

Still no Dark Templar though -_- I want to see a beam scythe SO bad it hurts my soul.

Hope you enjoy, and leave comments in the section below on your thoughts!

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