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NXL vs Pacific.UST


Rank: #57 (1,045 pts)

Country: Indonesia Indonesia

Clan: NXL

37 % 63
359 611
72 bets 148


Rank: #530 (1,000 pts)

Country: Philippines Philippines



Amount of bets: 220 ( 969)
Event: » GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: May 19, 2012 at 12:00
Posted by: Raistlin

Match description

Group C, Round 5
Stream, by Australia GoDz

Comments (Closed)

Philippinesrcmf123 5 years, 48 weeks ago
2pcf ust?
Philippinesmandyjohdy 5 years, 48 weeks ago
if deperuku got this 3-way tie on group C, tie-breaker tommorow..
Philippinescyprix 5 years, 48 weeks ago
Indiots? hehe.gif
Georgiadeathfrostgig 5 years, 48 weeks ago
trashtalk by david. such a bad player :) hes just jealous
Indonesiapreachers 5 years, 48 weeks ago
not the big deal, everyone know pinoy have a bad manners. nothing new here
Philippinesthundertaker11 5 years, 48 weeks ago
david is really known here for having a personality problem.. if you watch them play live you can see he is even massively flaming and blaming his team mates... btw that david don't even go to school :)
Philippinesmandyjohdy 5 years, 48 weeks ago
#5 I beg to disagree, maybe the right word should be, some? But not all brother..



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