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MarineKing vs DongRaeGu


Rank: #40 (1,259 pts)


Country: South Korea South Korea

Clan: <a href="">Prime</a>

36 % 64
1542 2742
3 bets 11


Rank: #24 (1,317 pts)


Country: South Korea South Korea

Clan: <a href="">MVP</a>


Amount of bets: 14 ( 4,283)
Event: » MLG Pro Circuit 2012
Best of: 7
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: February 27, 2012 at 00:40
Posted by: Passenger

Match description

MLG Pro Circuit - Winter Arena 2012

Grand Final


Comments (Closed)

Bulgariatrance)Astic-X 6 years, 3 weeks ago
stream pls!!!!!!
SerbiaRamiZ 6 years, 3 weeks ago
#1 There is no free stream... 6 years, 3 weeks ago
SwedenZeconD 6 years, 3 weeks ago
Don't ask me why, but now I can watch all 4 streams for free. I heard some people can, while most people can't. It's most likely a bug.
RomaniaDeejay 6 years, 3 weeks ago
go go MKP
RomaniaDeejay 6 years, 3 weeks ago
DRG is soo greedy early on that if he can hold the early pressure he will win due to good economy and macro late game.

MKP knows that and tried to punish him for being greedy in 4 out of 5 games so far. And he succeded in 3 already.

Let's see if DRG changes his build order a bit to prevent another bunker rush.
LithuaniaNbs 6 years, 3 weeks ago
RomaniaDeejay 6 years, 3 weeks ago
Just wow. Cheesing DRG was somewhat easy but beating DRG in a macro game... that is just awesome.
RomaniaDeejay 6 years, 3 weeks ago
The thing is MKP beat DRG 3 games in a row and that was just unexpected.

MKP was soo greedy the last game and it payed of.
Brazilsplashh 6 years, 3 weeks ago
#9 every zerg player... the worst non-korean player and even the best korean player can win with zerg race... you loss 2 hellions, automatically loss the game ... but zerg player can loss hordes and hordes from 200/200 in zerg macro and still having chances to win... this shows why i think is horribly a easy race... i can't understand why gives too abusive advantages to zerg players to get a lot of more chances to winning tournaments... that's not sence for me... you are lossing 3-4 times 200/200 with zerg and he still can win... ridiculous for everyone with a little of brain...

with respect to your comment, no one can beat zerg macro, even the best terran can't do that... simply blizzard gives too muchadvantage to zerg players with no reason and they just win because the race has abussive advantages...
i don't want to fight with someone , just i can't put in my own mind why blizzard gives abusive advantages to protoss/zerg races and people thinks that is just skill... it's ridiculous at every since for me

please admins try to upload replays from MLG to replay section , thank you.
NetherlandsFreakyDroid 6 years, 3 weeks ago
I wasnt really happy with how some of the games played out, mostly because of gimmicky stuff and all-ins, but I'm happy MKP finally won a tournament.
RomaniaDeejay 6 years, 3 weeks ago
#12 All-ins? There were no all-ins at all. How is a terran suppose to win a zerg unless he applies early pressure?

That was all the bunkers were for. Early pressure. Sometimes he succeded sometimes he failed.

But he expanded every single game and was ready to go to a macro game every single time he bunker rushed.

It's not like you 6 poll and if you dont succed you tab out because you can do nothing. He sacrificed a little bit of his economy to put pressure. And he knew DRG was such a greedy player that he would absolutly always go for hatch first. And unless he can slow him down there is nothing he can do if he lets the zerg grow too much.

I think MKP played a perfect mind-game and executed almost all builds perfectly except for the second game where he didnt wall off soon enough. DRG was well aware of his 2 rax play/proxy/float every single game. It was not a surprise for him but still he only had 1 spine or in the 5th game that was positioned so poorly that he had to cancel it.

And in the 6th game DRG was so sure he will get bunker rushed that he didnt even scout the third of MKP. And when he saw the third he went all out mad greedy style and tech all the way to hive and greater spire and ultra without having enough units to hold off a timing attack. And that was exactly what MKP did.

Well done MKP. Again excelent play from him.
NetherlandsFreakyDroid 6 years, 3 weeks ago
Lol, he couldnt really transition out of the bunker rushes, except for the last two games. That's pretty much an all in imo. Besides, I wasn't talking only about MKP, DRG did a few all ins as well.

Terran cant win unless he applies early pressure? Just lol dude.
UkraineSibiryak 6 years, 3 weeks ago
#14 i think he is right. Didn't see any all-in here like 6 pool or 1-2 marines with alot of scvs attack. Just pressing with expanding...
LithuaniaNbs 6 years, 3 weeks ago
The game on metalopolis, where MKP did bring like 7 scvs was pretty much an all-in, but all other bunker rushes were pretty much just pressure builds with a nice transition out of it.



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