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MC vs PuMa


Rank: #96 (1,170 pts)


Country: South Korea South Korea

Clan: SK-Gaming

64 % 36
12744 7168
47 bets 46


Rank: #204 (1,056 pts)


Country: South Korea South Korea



Amount of bets: 93 ( 19,911)
Event: » IEM Global Challenge
Best of: 5
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: August 21, 2011 at 17:30
Posted by: Passenger

Match description

IEM Global Challenge Cologne

Grand Final

Stream :

Game 1 summary
Xel'Naga Caverns. MC '6 | PuMa '12

PuMa adds a bunker to feel safe.

MC doing a 1-gate fast expand at '29 supply. One assimilator. Throws down a second and third gate, plus a robotics facility.

PuMa adds a Starport, getting cloaked banshees.

As MC's Nexus finishes, PuMa adds two more barracks. Heavy marines incoming probably.

First banshee out, journeys towards MC's expansion. Follows it up by building a Raven.

MC has an observer out and two stalkers at the expansion, defends well when the banshee fly in.

PuMa goes for a one-base push with 10 SCvs, all marines and siege tanks.

Three Immortals, zealots, stalkers and sentries.

PuMa attacks, takes down the Nexus putting MC supply capped.

MC defends well, now 20 supply ahead. Focuses the siege tanks with the immortans, but there are still a handful of marines left.

PuMa gets pushed back. MC 70 supply, PuMa 44.

PuMa still on one base, while MC rebuilds his expansion.

Banshee now harassing the probe line - gets 4 kills before the stalkers catch up and kills the stalker.

PuMa takes the right Xel'Naga tower, with lots of marines, four tanks and a raven and supporting SCVs. - MC with a big army. PuMa goes for the attack, soo many marines - MC can't hold. The two banshees kill off the Immortals.

MC pulls probes, four stalkers left.

PuMa still mining in the natural, but PuMa slowly kills off MC piece by piece.

Game 2 summary
Terminus RE
MC '12 | PuMa '6

PuMa once again with the safety bunker.

MC goes for a fast expansion at '28 supply.

Three barracks for PuMa.

MC adds three more gateways and adds a Robotics Facility.

PuMa researches combat shields and stim pack.

MC builds an observer.

Just now, at '45, PuMa takes his expansion and adds a Factory.

PuMa has MC's base scanned, spotted both the expansion and the robotics facility.

MC adds two more gateways and researches blink.

PuMa on the defense, adding missile turrets at his expansion.

PuMa takes third base at 90 supply.

A marine manages to sneak in to MC's expansion, sees there's no Dark Shrine nor Templar Council.

PuMa drops marines just outside MC's expansion, but MC can blink there with his stalkers to kill off the medivac.

MC goes for an attack, and takes his third base.

Blinks his way into PuMa's main base with the help of an observer. Zealots and sentries at the natural, forcing PuMa to split his army in two.

But PuMa holds, losing some barracks. 136 vs. 115 supply advantage for MC.

High templars warping in for MC. PuMa continues to go marines, marauders and medivacs.

MC takes a fourth expansion, but gets spotted by PuMa's medivac and gets canceled.

PuMa throws some ghosts into the mix.

MC adds a fourth.

Players getting close to their supply max.

Great EMPs from PuMa, and gets the wanted concave.

PuMa advances forward, MC desperately uses storms and feedback to push

PuMa back, but PuMa keeps sending more marines and marauders.

PuMa ahead 60 supply, and has taken down MC's fourth.

Another clash in the middle, MC's troops die. GG from MC.

Game 3 summary
MC '12 | PuMA '3

MC with a stargate at '28.

PuMa with two barracks and a factory and a starport shortly thereafter.

Gets a tank out.

MC gets a probe inside PuMa's base, spots the starport.

MC with three phoenixes out. PuMa starting production of A raven.

MC snipes the raven with his phoenixes.

PuMa with a lot of marines and three-four tanks.

MC marches out on the field with his gateway salad. Blink being researched, and takes his first expansion down at '6.

PuMa moves out on the field for the first time in the game with 87 supply.

MC continuously to snipe off Ravens with his phoenx squad.

Five tanks and a tonne of marines to PuMa.

MC blinks inside PuMa's base, but PuMa doesn't care. He marches off to the Protoss base.

Base race - but MC has the bottom expansion.

MC doing a great job in razing PuMa's base.

PuMa builds a command center at the '12 expansion - gets
spotted by the two phoenixes left. Worth their weight in gold.

PuMa realizes MC has another base, goes to check it out.

Nerves tingling as MC almost kills off the command center by blinking in with his stalkers.

PuMa contiuing to chase down MC's stalkers with his marines, SCVs and the two medivacs.

MC with excellent control fends off - and has added some zealots and sentries at his base.

Point Defense Drone thrown down just at MC's ramp.

PuMa is in - and the race is on. PuMa has three buildings, MC has a hidden pylon at the bottom right expansion.

Both players get revealed as they have no Comand Center.

Marines slowly but surely killing off the defending stalkers at the main. But MC has quite a lot of stalkers left.

Players with one building each left. PuMa has a barracks and MC a pylon.

PuMa kills the remaining units of MC and takes the series!

Comments (Closed)

AustraliaRegime 6 years, 30 weeks ago
gogo puma
Swedenget.yourgun 6 years, 30 weeks ago
Go Puma!
Polandshizzmynizz 6 years, 30 weeks ago
Well, judging by results, Puma > MC in their previous match up, but Puma had such a hard time pulling that win off. I think i`ll go with MC this time, tho I'm rooting for Puma no doubt!
PeruVirtusMarineHero 6 years, 30 weeks ago
puma is the best T in the world (BIO TERRAN ) and mechanic T is GGlastshadow
but MC is good vs mechanic T but he has problems vs bio T
Czech RepublicPendulum 6 years, 30 weeks ago
My bet: 5030 on MC.
With these percentages, you may win: 7899. Time to wish Gl to MC tounge.gif
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofBetsfrox 6 years, 30 weeks ago
#5 thats what i call ALL IN :D
SwedenAlamo 6 years, 30 weeks ago
I cant find the link as always. Where is it? Please!
AustraliaSPANKdMONKe 6 years, 30 weeks ago
why is it not on yet? sum cartoon looking game instead

Link is in the match description on this page
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofBetsfrox 6 years, 30 weeks ago
after the game on the stream finish the finals will start
SwedenAlamo 6 years, 30 weeks ago
#8 It wasnt that case before. I missed 4 games with Socke vs Mana because the link was wrong, the match was on some sidestream. Not its a shitty crap game like Lol or something on that one on this page.
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofBetsfrox 6 years, 30 weeks ago
BulgariaZeroFullbuster 6 years, 30 weeks ago
MC hwaiting ^^
GermanyNexCa 6 years, 30 weeks ago
God Protoss FIGHTIING !!!
PolandgoSTAR_PL 6 years, 30 weeks ago
gogo Puma
IsraelLordemus 6 years, 30 weeks ago
Hopefully this will be close series :D
Greecehim999 6 years, 30 weeks ago
Greecehim999 6 years, 30 weeks ago
can someone post the stream link pls
IsraelLordemus 6 years, 30 weeks ago
wow audience failed big time with the chanting thingie ~_~
Germanyscumbag.648 6 years, 30 weeks ago
it's about to start...
and only about an hour late
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