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by.hydra vs Tempest


Rank: -


Country: South Korea South Korea

Clan: CJ Entus

69 % 31
1811 814
6 bets 16


Rank: -


Country: South Korea South Korea

Clan: KT Rolster


Amount of bets: 22 ( 2,624)
Event: » OnGameNet
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: June 24, 2011 at 11:28
Posted by: Passenger

Match description

Starleague 2011 - Dual Tournament Group B

Mind vs n.Die_soO @ New Bloody Ridge
by.hydra vs Tempest @ New Bloody Ridge
Winners Match @ Gladiator
Losers Match @ Gladiator
Consolation Final @ La Mancha

Comments (Closed)

Finlanddoomshroom 6 years, 35 weeks ago
i hope tempest has this one, tempest)is( isnt he?best PvZ replay ive ever seen is played by tempest vs someone in luna,very old rep and VERY good game!
United StatesAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 6 years, 34 weeks ago
i think tempest is one of the worst player ever to play proleague :)
PolandShockeR_40 6 years, 34 weeks ago

#2 naaah

there were some really bad players

100x worse than him :p



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