Koth: TreK vs Child

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King of the hill - InformationKing of the hill is played twice each month. A new challenger is chosen by GosuGamers Crew before every single game. The winner of each game is the current king and will face a new challenger next round. The games will be covered by replays and hopefully radio. The first season was played about 4 months ago, where TreK was the king in the fourth round with two wins in a row.
Round one - TreK vs Child
iN.TreK vs Sasin)Child

This exciting battle will be fought best out of seven games. The first map to be played is Neo Bifrost. After that the loser chooses one of the following maps. Each map may only be played once.

Neo Forbidden Zone
Gaema Gewon
Blade Storm
Neo Silent Vortex
Jim Raynors Memory
Plains To Hill
Hall of Valhalla
New No Way Out
River Of Flames
Black Vane #2
Dire Straits

Date: Monday, 23rd of June.
Time: 13.00 GMT (15.00 CET)
Gateway: Europe
Channel: Clan Mazor-sG
Radio: Not broadcasting due to too much lag.
No using of bugs.
Replays must be saved.
Each map may only be played once.
No maphacking (!)

We'll see you there gamers! Enjoy!


I TRIED TO SEND LIVE RADIO FROM THIS EVENT, but due to too much lag it didn't work. We started the games 15.00 CET but I had to leave the games since it lagged a lot. The first game was played at Neo Bifrost. TreK won the first game. Second game, same thing, a lot of lagg so I had to leave. No reports from that game either, but TreK won again, very impressive! Third game I closed the radio and joined the game. Still laggy so I had to reboot. TreK came to the channel first so Child won the third game. Child, who people the most believed would win this now had a disadvantage against the Swedish national player iN.TreK. Fourth game, we came up with the idea of live comments instead of live radio. My brother typed in the channel (he sits next to me) as I wws observing. Fourth game was played on Hall of valhalla. TreK as protoss this time. TreK won the game after eliminating Child's mutalisk army with corsairs. Fifth game was played on Silent Vortex. A great game, both players expanding a lot and were both very defensive in the beginning. When child got his fourth expansion finished he started to produce a massive army of hydralisks and mutalisk. After that he switched to ultras and zerglings against treks goons, zealots, archons and templars (some dark templars also). Child won the game after eliminating TreKs main with ultras and lings. After that, we had a break for food for 30 minutes. Child came back, a bit late, telling me he couldn't play. He said that he hadn't been practicing for the maps we chose. He asked TreK if Lost Temple was ok and TreK agreed, since Child said he was about to surrender otherwise. Child won the game after a simple mutalisk / lurker stratt and after that, suddenly, Forbidden Zone was ok to play again! Well, final game, 3-3, TreK as Protoss and Child as Zerg. Forbidden Zone. Not really much happend in the beginning, until Child makes a three overlord drop and drops hydralisks in treks main, defended only by two cannons and a shuttle + reaver. After some great (!!) reaver micro by trek and a lot of loud screams from myself, Child flees the battle. Damn it was close! TreK expanded and built many gateways, producing zealots and dragoons and attacked. With use of his army and his good reaver micro he successfully killed two of childs expansions, resulting in a "GG" from SaSin)Child, who just had been defeated by the winner:


Replays can be found ยป here. (Working)
Here are the games listed:
iN.TreK vs SaSin)Child @ Neo Bifrost1-0
iN.TreK vs SaSin)Child @Gaema Gowon2-0
iN.TreK vs SaSin)Child @River of Flames 2-1
iN.TreK vs SaSin)Child @Halls of Valhalla 3-1
iN.TreK vs SaSin)Child @Silent Vortex 3-2
iN.TreK vs SaSin)Child @Lost Temple 3-3
iN.TreK vs SaSin)Child @Forbidden Zone 4-3

GG! Next challenger: ToT)Mondragon(