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Team.iD wins The Double


The Double - winning both WGTour Clanleague (WGTCL) and Brood War Clan Liga (BWCL) in the same season. No other team has managed to do so before, but a couple of days ago when WGTCL ended the first team took the first 'double'. The team is International Division (Team.iD), led by iD.GioM who thinks it was a flawless season for his team.

Clan League Season 7 included many great teams; Italy Sons of Law, United States TeaM 88), France MicroGamerZ and the previous champions Europe Team.iD who went undefeated the first four weeks until they faced the Spanish team Spain 0rk0 who gave them their first loss. Team.iD did however shake off that loss and continued with another winning streak against the rest of the clans, ending with a score of 7-1 and a total of 38 points. Those impressive statistics gave them the cup for the second time, first coming in Season 3.

iD.GioM: iD.ret the key to the victory

Team.iD's way through WGTCL

Europe Team.iD > Italy SoL 5-0
Europe Team.iD > Poland DBE 5-0
Europe Team.iD > Poland eR. 3-2
Europe Team.iD > Poland vAGuild 4-1
Europe Team.iD < Spain 0rk0 2-3
Europe Team.iD > United States TeaM88) 4-1
Europe Team.iD > Czech Republic b!ologic 4-1
Europe Team.iD > None Autowin 5-0
Europe Team.iD > France MicroGamerZ 4-1
One of the most impressive players in Team.iD during WGTour Clanleague was Netherlands iD.ret who went undefeated in this season (7-0), missing only one match. The leaders iD.Shun and iD.GioM agree on the fact that the Netherlander was an important player for Team.iD this season. "He was there about every clanwar and hasn’t lost a single match!" says iD.GioM about his star player. iD.Shun fills in with "Ret was absolutely fantastic, but also Keir won many important games". But they also point out that everyone in the team mattered and that everyone did a great job.

Winners of WGTCL two times - twice in a row next?

Dknight asks the two Team.iD leaders in the WGTour report if they think they will do as good in next season as they did in the last one. On that, they seem very positive and believe they are able to do it. "We are quite confident that we will be on top next season too " iD.GioM says and states that it would be nice to win it twice in a row. iD.Shun mentions that he does not see any big problems in winning two clanleagues in a row, although he do see Team 88) as a big threat next year.

Team.iD winning The Double

BWCL Premier League champions

Team.iD's way through BWCL

Europe Team.iD > Europe Infernal Gamers 3-2
Europe Team iD > Italy Elite Nine 4-1
Europe Team.iD > Poland eR. 4-1
Europe Team.iD > Germany ash.5-0
Europe Team.iD > Spain LatinGamers 5-0
Europe Team.iD < United States TeaM88) 2-3
Europe Team.iD > Poland GameNet 3-1
Europe Team.iD > Czech Republic CDS)3-2
Europe Team.iD > France United TeaM 4-1
Europe Team.iD > Europe oGaming 3-2
Europe Team.iD < Europe anSWers World 2-3
As if WGTour Clanleague was not enough, Europe Team.iD also managed to win the BWCL Premier League filled with other good teams such as Europe Infernal Gamers, Czech Republic Czech Demolition Squad and Europe anSWers World. Team.iD started out just like in WGTCL with five straight wins, but then lost one match against United States Team 88), but then ravaged on a bit until the last game, where they lost to mentioned above anSWers World. This placed Team.iD on 38 points and 9 wins and 2 losses in total, winning the BWCL Premier League.

Harmony and right players

Team International Division is a constant developing team, but seems to have found their best lineup and the harmony in the team that is needed to go this far. What will happen to Team.iD next? Will they win the next season of WGTCL, and bring home another BWCL Premier League? Only time will tell.

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