Show me how to swim xD

proA.June91 @ 1st January 1970 00:00 (Read 1,592 times).
Hello everyone!

Junnie is back! Well, after a terrible rain which has just stopped in Hanoi, I could use Internet once again. Do you know it had been raining here for 4 days without any second to stop? Then, my well loved city, the heart of Vietnam, Hanoi became a huge lake.

I don't have to go to school due to the heavy rain....wohoo. So during my stay at home, there are some pictures I wanna share with you about our rain. Behold, the most terrible rain in Hanoi's history

(note: You'd better have some pills by your side in order to prevent the sudden heart attack...hehe...j/k)

Show me how to swim. please! heheh
But hey, don't worry. There are some ways for us to go out if you really want to. Check this out (and try to remember, too...hehe)

Someday, we will see him at the circus as a professional clown. Look! He's practicing...heheh

New kind of boat? Never thought of it xD

And I called it "excellent idea"

Woops, there are many ways for us to get out of our house

Be sure that you're rich if you want this 2 guys serve you by their whole hearts

"Hey hey, wait for me, please"
"sorry, we ran out of space" xD

"I don't need anybody to help me. I can go myself. muahahaha"

Poor this 2 ladies if they don't know how to swim. Somebody helps them :(

"Fine, Everybody has gone. I'll stay"

Even they were living with flood, they still smiled ^^!

Waiting for someone?

Best way to get out of here!

With some empty bottles made from plastic, you can make a mini boat for yourself xD