Game nr 7

Sknoll @ 1st January 1970 00:00 (Read 1,739 times).
VICTORY -> 4-3 1340
MAP Bluestorm
Opponent: T 332 apm (I had 105 (new record with 1 extra apm XD))
21 min game. did try a 4 marr+tank drop opening but it wasn't very successfull. Try something else next time :P Then I built 4 wraths to make me less vurnable to dropships (and this also made him get goliath heavy :D) rest gas i spent on tanks and the spare minerals on vulture and expansions.
I did a deacent job macroing but my micro did take a big blow in the face but my tank count did win me this match.

On a side note it feals like writing and thinking about every game is a very good way for me to improve my games.