Good bye, years with dota

uranusory @ 7th September 2012 05:28 (Read 5,275 times).
Do you still remember the days when there wasn't a 3 sec cd for blink dagger?
Do you still remember VP.Vigoss, king of 6.48?

Now we have M5.BenQ^VvV, but he's not VP.Vigoss. Yep, Vigoss has been retired for a long time. From the very beginning, i could tell that this M5 they built up just for 1 mil wouldn't be a powerful competitor in TI2, and the story of a king's return wouldn't have a happy ending. But it's still quite unhappy to hear that M5 finally disband.

Maybe he will choose to stay, and set up a new legend. But who knows?

Even if he managed it, it would just be a legend of M5.BenQ^VvV, not VP.Vigoss. Because VP.Vigoss has retired for a long time, along with the non cd blink dagger. Dota went on to be wonderful, but there's something that fixed a lattice forever in that an era.

All these thoughts bring me back to the day when 820 retired. Unlike many players in EU/NA, he's a pro player, and dota is his job for a living, which makes it harder for him to claim a complete leave from dota. But we are growing up, and life as well are growing from a fairy tale to a realistic novel. We should have the courage to stand on a new scratch line, cuz passion and the dreams we pursued will eventually fade away some day.

But all of these can't stop me from being sad. I can't forget the time when Vigoss was here and there in highlight videos, when I was still in high school and we gathered in a net pub for dota on Friday after school, when what troubled me was only grades at school, not the problem that what I will be in the future, and how I can manage to get what I need for a living in big city, a car, a house and enough money.

With years passing by, now dota is still the game we played, and Ironwood Branch still costs 53, but I am not the one I used to be. Gone was the years we spent with dota, the happiness we got from it, the friends we played dota with, and as well the star players making me a fanboy.

I am not trying to get a beta key, and that's incredible if dota2 is launched 2 or 3 years ago, when I'm not at my last year in college. I know there won't be time to play, and friends to play with, cuz everybody including me is busy finding jobs, or fighting for the admission test of a master's degree.

Maybe I will still keep an eye on the update of dota, and the performance of the teams I support. But I have to say: good bye, years playing dota.

Perhaps there will be someday in the future, when I may get lost walking along the dusty streets in Beijing, busy transporting from home to where I work, I will think of the old days we spent in pub, the old guy who always buy a courier for us in games and the one who often ks my kill, the old school Vigoss with a non cd blink dagger who I and my classmates all admire, and maybe as well the moment ChuaN holding up his hands shouting for victory.

Because we love dota, isn't it?