AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @ 7th September 2012 01:06 (Read 4,453 times).

THIS IS my first blog ever on this site. Well, not really. There was that other one.

Several things of note:
1. I am back onto this site after 7 months of absence
2. What did i do in that absence?
a) my medicine ran out, so my sex drive returned, so i masturbated (don't worry my medicine is back)
b) i played rome total war thinking i could beat Prince Of Macedon. I am pretty proficient in RTW. I am known for abrasive rash and quick strategies. This is sorta my personality, to do rash and impulsive strategies that sometimes win. my username in RTW multiplayer is MIRACLE, or sometimes JAEDONG
c) i started started stock trading again but i am still not successful. I am still at a -1500 loss give or take after using my college loan money (which i haven't repayed)
3. I have been known to make very good gosubets and end up in the top all the time (when starcraft bw was at its low ebb). i am certain i cannot maintain the stamina to watch starcraft (1 or 2) at midnight like I once did. I can, but it will result in bad decision making in all my other stuff soz, i can't
4. the purpose of this blog is to try it out. maybe it can impact my life. certainly, i won't be caring about your life! i am much too impulsive and self-absorbed to do that.
5. at times, (but not today) i feel my stock trading won't work out. i usually go and think of my other money making strategy. writing to sell! i don't think i'm anywhere near the fiction prowness of well known authors but maybe just maybe....
6. I have to remind myself often to read books on fiction-making, stock trading, and poker
7. currently, i am not very interested in poker. it is too much work (but so is everything else) but i just don't think it's worth it, and after 3 weeks i'm still below 1 cent level in NL

Basic Mood (after consolidating all this): a bit weary and frightened at my future

Current job: No job

I am thinking of turning one of the rooms in my parent's house to become a study for me. They want to use it for my sister, but I think i can get it to be for me so that way 1) i have a study, which will be different from my room 2) my sister won't be alone enough to masturbate. I know she does and i don't think this is healthy for her.

Most important phrase of the day: NO PORN

I want it to be a study because i want to set up a schedule for me, which according to scott meredith (deceased 1994) was the best way to have a boss so you do work if you're not officially employed in a company environment.