The D-day

gReep @ 14th May 2012 18:04 (Read 9,574 times).
It's here. The day that many, including me, has been awaiting for a long time. The D-day. DiabloIII-day.
From the writing time of this, the release is due within a few hours.

I am considering going to the release queues tonight, even though it's cold and windy outside, here in Stockholm.

What will this game mean to the gaming world? It's a reasonable question, given that Blizzard games has got a tendency to change the current dynamics of the gaming scene.

Will we see a decline in the mmo gaiming market? Will Diablo III gain millions of players, on the expense of say Rift or Star Wars: Old republic?
Will this be a significant contribution to pro-gaiming, as happened several times before with the release of a Blizzard game?

Thinking about these questions gives one the insigt that many things are yet to be discovered. Questions yet to be answered.
But it also tends to make one more resillient towards the windy Stockholm spring night..