turik @ 30th April 2012 04:59 (Read 7,159 times).
Now, as was promised, I'm going to do an Star Ladder season 1 overview. It's just ended couple hours ago, so I hope I didnt forget many things in this time.
Star Ladder was another was another league project in dota 2 with $15,000 prizepool and 15 teams participating. It was divided into two parts: online groupstage and LAN playoffs, which took part in Kiev Cyberarena. We enjoyed a lot of dota 2 matches and, also, some BLC, PB and WoT (mostly, WoT) matches, even when we didnt want to watch them, too. Speaking about advantages and disadvantages of the tournament I want to say that it was fully (except few matches) covered by v1lat (russian stream) and our very own Purge (english stream). And LAN final is also a great advantage. Even when dota 2 is still in beta mode and even if it doesnt allow players to play on LAN (some games were even played on USE server, coz EU server was shut down) such events are whatever great for community.
Talking about cons. Orgs promised us full groupstage without any postpones but... It never happens in modern dota 2 world. So lets dont call it big minus. Also some games werent casted and dota 2 got some problems with private replays, so it wasnt even casted via it. Now going to the main part - LAN finals. As I mentioned, we enjoyed some WoT games, even when we didnt want to. For ppl who dont know, Star Ladder consists of 4 games: Dota 2, BLC, PB and WoT. And all games got LAN finals in the same time at the same place. So it was hard to handle it without any postpones. But we all were expected another thing. So, when we patiently waited Grand Final, we had to watch WoT games during 2,5 hours.
V1lat recognizes all these fails, so I hope that next season would be better. Also I'd like to add, that despite the fact that I'm part of the crew my opinion is just my own opinion, I'm trying to be objective and honest.
Best regards, turik.

You can find episode 1 in my blogs. In next episode I'm going to review the league which will end faster. Stay tuned.