Thailand Day 1

BTS.GoDz @ 20th April 2012 22:13 (Read 8,780 times).
Okay, let's call day 0 the day I arrived to Thailand. Because I say so. You know how on your aisle on a plane there's always that asshole who makes it uncomfortable, either is socially awkard, sleeps on your shoulder, or does something to make you wish he was on a different plane. Turns out, I'm that asshole. I'm not a very social flyer. I don't like pointless conversation with the stranger you sit next to, i'd rather ignore them completely, not issue a word, maybe have them pass my empty food trey to the attendant when i'm done eating, but even that should be done without any words.

I arrived in Thailand around 9pm, and went straight to food! Thai food is amazing. SO many flavors, interesting things you'd never consider eating, don't ask what it is - just eat. It's all delicious.

I was exhausted from all the flying - so crashed around 1am TH time (4am melbourne time) and awoke to be taken to the AsiaSoft office where I would be casting GEST IDC from. Let me tell you - these guys know how to do offices. There was a social room with Gym, Music, movies, Xbox, ps3, LAN dota, books, ping pong, this was THE FRICKING OFFICE. These guys know how to keep their staff happy. Pictures to come soon of how awesome this office in fact was. (this whole blog was meant to be more pictures than text - guess what - i'm the asshole who is gonna give you only text and no pictures!)

After testing streaming, talking about promoting Dota in Thailand and in general, and just general discussion, it was dinner time. Chinese food - delicious as always - followed by icecream, and wine. Now this was funny. I fly all the way to Thailand - and find myself dirnking bottle after bottle of AUSTRALIAN WINE. Didn't i just leave this place?? damn you Thailand! Second dinner arrives with Thai food in a new location, some thai beer, and more merry stories are shared between myself and the amazing people i've met here.

I guess the end of this story is me here. A bit past 3am. A fair bit away from being sober. And very far away from posting any sort of picture of my entire picture. Yep. I'm that asshole!

Anyways, tomorrow is GEST IDC - it's gonna be aweomse. The most awesome GEST yet, even month gets better and bette,r bigger and bigger, and just the intensity and improtance of this tournament truly is showing.

WITH THAT SAID. I must sleep - or pretend to sleep. I have to wake up in about 4-5 hours time to go to the office and set up finally.

In conclusion: funnily enough my experience so far in thailand involves meeting many interesting people, eating many amazing food, and meeting more interesting people. I suppose I should do some dota commentating like i came here to do? or at least spend some time online with the dota community ( i guess this blog counts???) - rather than just eat and drink and socialize the ENTIRE time i'm in thailand. Dont worry guys - i promise this weekend will be awesome.

Mineski, StarsBoba, invasion-red, neolution in one group for GEST-IDC?? What more could any wish for. It's gonna be Legend.......