SMM 2011

BTS.GoDz @ 2nd July 2011 23:39 (Read 16,682 times).

So having realized you gotta start small. I've done just that. Citypoint LAN in Perth were sponsoring a team over to SMM ( had a huge challenge ahead of us. I didn't have a dedicated team; and ended up almost just playing for fun..

Well we got to winner bracket final, lost to GTFO (the favorites probably), and went to loser bracket final to vs JoY who we had beat in first round but had their full team for this game. We beat them in an epic 3 game b03.. Now JoY are my real brothers and it ended up being a mostly joy final vs gtfo well a blend of my team and theres. Long story short, we won the best of 5 finals, 3 games to 1, securing sponsorship to SMM 2011! For all you haters on the replay sections, whamburger is 2g and 888SG is a jet , fuck all dem haters, best in aus. Joy for life.