Anime Genre Definition

lungo @ 28th October 2009 13:05 (Read 3,461 times).
Action: Aggressive form of activity, such as fightning, violence, destruction, etc.

Adventure: One or more characters settling out for a journey, to explore and experience the world

Comedy: Generally a work to amuse, close related to parody, but parody is just a way more “extreme” kind of comedy, which in my opinion often tends to get too “lame”.

Drama: If you don’t know what drama is, then just turn on your TV, watch any drama you want, and see if there are any feelings flowing inside of you :o)

Ecchi: almost “porn” but not, there are no nudity and sex involved, but a lot of “skin” from the girls are often seen, the closest you can get to hentai in a “proper” way.

Fantasy: Fancy stuff, closely related to “magical” which is often seen in animes, often contains a dreamy world, strange creatures and such.

Harem: just pretend that you’re a bachelor, and 1000 of girls are attracted to you.. Yes, Harem is one of those kinds of animes, where 1 male is getting “hunt’d” by several females. Can be reversed as well.

Historical: historical moments based on our own/true humanbeing history

Horror: same as we see horror movies on the TV, but horror animes are a lot more lightly seen, less scary. Often contains violence and blood.

Lolicon: For those who got a Lolita-complex, younger/under-age girls are exploited in a more erotic/romantic vision and story.

Martial Arts: just our typical asian everyday life, which contains 99999 of bruce lee’s xD, but seriously, you know what Martial Arts is. Typical hand to hand fights.

Mecha: The term itself refers to mobile robotic vehicles controlled by pilots, it is generally a genre which contains robotic machines. Often related with Science-fiction.

Mystery: often seen on detective, spy animes. Unsolved cases, mysterious cases.

Psychological: mindgame/mindplaying animes, often contains disturbing elements.

Romance/Love-Romance: X + Y = C, yeah the typical romance, often involved with a third “wheel”/”part”, to spice of the story.

School Life: a lot of focus on the school/campus

Science-Fiction: Often based on speculations based on current/future/technology, but there are really no “limit” for what you can expect on a Science-fiction anime.

Shoujo: manga/anime for the females, close related to the love genre as well. CAN be seen/read by males, but the shoujo genre itself has been published for the girls to read/watch them. 99% of the times, the HP in shoujo’s is a female.

Shounen: manga/anime for the males, often contains actions, the same as shoujo, but for males.

Shounen/Shoujo - Ai: girl to girl/guy to guy relationship, sounds a bit homosexual, because it IS, but it is not as hardcore as Yaoi/Yuri, which CAN contain more sexual exploits and such. TBH. I haven’t seen a single anime from these genre yet.

Sports: just sports, often involved with drama/comedy, the typical sports manga/anime are: Baseball/Soccer/Basketball/American Football, but there are as well sports mangas with cars, bicycle, rollerblades, just to name a few

If you got any questions, then you're more than welcome to ask me :o)