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Greetings fellow community members, I come to you with something I have discovered as a notable issue that has needed some attention but wasn't sure how to best bring it to the light so that it can hopefully be resolved. Any stain on our community is a risk to the long term reputation of the industry and those looking to grow professionally.

It has come to my attention that there has been a trending issue with one of the professional teams known as Gale Force Esports. GFE owned exclusively by its operating manager Ryan J Masset has been a professional esports team for Overwatch, HotS, Rocket League, PUBG, and CSGO. You possibly have even heard of this team through one of the several conflicts listed below:





It appears that these trends have not ended as complaints from players and staff of not being paid on-time to having to beg for their paycheck, contractually being held hostage, to winnings not being collected are all signs of an ongoing issue. This problem is more evident in the recent influx in staff departing the organization and players being left with anxiety over if they will get paid or if the organization will provide adequate support in a professional manner. Further investigation into this troubling situation is reflected on Gale Force Esports status as a business with their Registered state North Dakota where the LLC has a 'Not Good Standing' (https://i.imgur.com/HrU6lLv.png) with a very near risk of termination by the state.

As you can see there is a lot building up in this and as a community we hold professional players in a position of light and demand athletic performance from their mind and reflexes. However the pillars of performance are only as strong as the foundations they are built on. The professional responsibility of organizations to uphold diligence, and integrity should be a beacon in the industry and exceptions to that should be looked down upon and whisked away from the community. I leave you with my findings and concerns to discuss and hope that by bringing this into the light we can open the conversation that can pave a path to a better community for years to come.

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