Show support for your favourite competitive PUBG teams with USER FLAIRS!

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Following a great suggestion by u/Isiloki, the mod team are very excited to announce that you can now show support for your favourite competitive PUBG teams with your very own user flair!


  1. To get started, go to the flair panel - on the right just under the search bar - and click (edit). From there you can choose from one of 72 team logos.

  2. When you've made your choice between Faze or TSM of your favourite team, be sure to check the box marked - Show my flair on this subreddit - so it can be proudly displayed next to your username on all your posts and comments.


If you are a professional PUBG player from one of the included teams and would like a verified PRO tag, please message @luntingsir or @drainXX on Twitter with your reddit username.

EDIT: Additional flairs for TOs and special community roles such as casters are progressively being added. Please contact @luntingsir or @drainXX if you fit into these categories.

EDIT2: As you may have noticed, the first round of updates predominantly contain NA/EU teams. Teams from other regions will be added soon, but feel free to give us a shout if you'd like to get your team's logo prioritised.


Again, we'd like to thank u/Isiloki for prompting these new additions, and encourage everyone to keep contributing their suggestions on how we can further improve the Competitive PUBG subreddit.

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