Gujarat: 19-year-old mother calls helpline seeking divorce to live with PUBG partner

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The woman met a fellow PUBG player, who is also from Ahmedabad, and became so close to him that she wanted a divorce from her husband and wanted to live with this man, officials of Abhayam told 

A 19-year-old mother from Ahmedabad recently rang up a women’s helpline seeking help to get a divorce from her husband so that she could live with her gaming partner. An avid PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground) player, the woman played the popular multiplayer online game with her partner on a constant basis, said officials from the helpline— ‘Abhayam-181′.

Responding to the woman’s plea, Abhayam assigned a counselling team, which then visited her house and talked to the family enquiring about the issue. 


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