StarSeries i-League announced the format for their first PUBG tournament

PUBG Andreja “Koja” Kojadinovic

 StarLadder's first PUBG tournament was announced in December 2017, also announcing a partnership with ImbaTV for the upcoming StarSeries i-League PUBG 

The first tournament of StarSeries i-League in the discipline of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS will be held in a group format.

The tournament will be their first in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, the event is scheduled in the city of  Kiev, in the “Kiev CyberSport Arena” from March 1st to 4th. All tournament participants will fight against each other for points in the overall rankings.

All 16 invited teams will form one group which they will fight in for the duration of the tournament (4 days). Each match-day will consist of 5 matches, while the teams will gain points for the number of kills (6 points for one) and for their placement in each game.

The distribution of points, according to the secured place in each match:

1. 250 points 2. 200 points
3. 180 points 4. 150 points
5. 110 points 6. 90 points
7. 80 points 8. 70 points
9. 50 points 10. 40 points
11. 35 points 12. 35 points
13. 30 points 14. 30 points
15. 25 points 16. 25 points


All matches of the tournament will be played in FPP (First Person Perspective), with battles taking place on the map Erangel, sunny weather. Besides this, the teams will start each gaming day with a showmatch in a classic mode with Third Person Perspective.

The best team, following the outcome of the 4 match-days will take the champions’ cup and the lion’s share of the prize pool - $100.000.

The distribution of prize fund at StarSeries i-League PUBG:

Total prize-pool - 100,000$

1st place - 50,000$
2nd place - 20,000$
3rd place - 9,000$
4th place - 5,000$
5-th place - 2,000$
9-16th place - 1000$

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