GosuGamers adds 24x January PUBG Leaderboard cups!

PUBG Peggy “Moirai” Forde

GosuGamers January PUBG Leaderboard cups to include 24x tournaments!

GosuGamers is pleased to announce a second series of Leaderboard Cups to be held in first half of January. Those who missed the X-MAS Leaderboard Cups will be able to make up for it with the new series of 24 cups split between various formats and game modes, running from January 5-16. 

Primary changes:

  • Assault Rifle Drop rate increased from 1.0x to 1.5x
  • Care Package Frequency halved
  • Each Best of 3 games will include Miramar as 2nd map
  • Added Squad Cups
  • Increased total number of Cups
  • Points earned for placement scales up/down with the amount of players/teams participating


Complete rules can be found here:

Solo rules

Duo rules

Squad rules

Leaderboards are based on individual performance, so each mode (First-Person / Third Person) will crown an overall winner but we´ll also compile leaderboards for SOLO/DUO/SQUAD respectively.

The dates for the GosuPUBG January Leaderboard Cups are:

5x First Person Perspective Solo's:

5x First Person Perspective Duo's:

2x First Person Perspective Squad:

5x Third Person Perspective Solo's:

5x Third Person Perspective Duo's:

2x Third Person Perspective Squad:


Remember: you don't need to play with the same person throughout the entire tournaments. For these Cups, teamwork is important, but we'll be tracking your individual score in Duos and Squads to see who was the best teammate overall. This also allows for some flexibility should you want to play but your buddy doesn't or can't for whatever reason; just find a new friend and hit the ground running in the next stage.

Last leaderboard, Keysus and GosuShy took home first and second place respectively in the First-Person tournaments, while the third-person perspective matches belonged to seyernovici and LXMos.

If you think you're ready to bring it to the battlefield take home that elusive Chicken Dinner, then you're challenged to register for any or all of the above tournaments starting immediately!


Which mode do you prefer?

First-Person Perspective (1PP)
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Third Person Perspective (TPP)
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