OdinThor and Romz leave Alliance

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Alliance will be looking for two new players to complete the missing half of their current squad.

Alliance Gaming has parted ways with Odinn "OdinThor" Thorarinsson and Erwin "Romz" van der Staaij, effective immediately, the organization announced earlier today. 

In the press release, Alliance says that the team is looking to "improve [their] results with a new roster." Alliance will be replacing the two players in early 2018, but will compete with stand-ins in the meantime.

Romz made an official statement in the press release, wishing only good luck to his now-former teammates.

I am sorry to say that Odinn and myself will be parting ways with Alliance. With that said, I would like to thank Alliance for the great support, it has been an honour representing you guys! I wish my friends Ciggzy and veazyy good luck in future tournaments, we will still be rooting for you! Odinn and I will continue to play PUBG, and we are especially excited with the new map coming soon!

The four players were originally known as Team Legion back in September when they were officially signed by Alliance. The team had placed 18th overall at IEM Oakland.


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