Hayz steps down from Team Liquid roster

PUBG Peggy “Moirai” Forde

Daneil "Hayz" Heaysman will be stepping down from the active Team Liquid PUBG team effective immeditately, Team Liquid announced today. He will be placed into a substitute role for the time being, while the fourth man will be filled by the victor of Liquid's current PROVINGGROUNDS open tryouts.

Hayz played with Team Liquid during both Gamescom 2017 and IEM Oakland, where the team placed third in solo's of the former. 

"Thank you TL for all the help and support during my time on the starting PUBG roster and thanks to @LiQuiD112 for believing in the PUBG scene," Hayz tweeted out. "[Liquid] has the most talented players in the world and I wish them the best of luck with whoever they find as a 4th."

If you're interested in trying out for Team Liquid, you can take a look at their open tryout rules here.


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