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PUBG's newest map, Miramar, is close to being released. Today, PUBG put out a sneak peek at what players can expect when parachuting into the new region for the first time. They've also teased some new content for Miramar, including map-exclusive transport and weapons. Think you've missed something? Don't worry, we've got you covered below.

Highlights from the region

Los Leones - in English, "The Lion" - is the largest city in the region. Presented as a zone with multiple construction sites, players should be able to use multiple buildings/equipment/structures/etc to gain the high ground on other players. Expect Los Leones to be a paradise for snipers. 

Valle De Mar is this region's version of the military base in Erangel. Translated into English as "Valley of the Sea," the town is vetted as the main chokepoint between the island and the mainland. Expect a lot of struggle to control the bridge that connects the two areas, especially if you have the unfortune of getting an island circle and are still on the mainland late game.

Pescado is translated to "sin" in English, and with good reason: this area is the Las Vegas of the region, with a Casino, Arena and much more. This area also features strong four-story hotels, which should be good to bunker down should the RNG gods give you safe haven here. Expect the hotel rooftops to have a few sniper rifles and AR's with scopes on them.

San Martin might be the Pochinki of Miramar: the city is big enough to promise a lot of good loot, but also strategically positioned near the center of the map, perfect for preparing for later-game circles. The city is sure to be heavily occupied by other players, however, so be prepared to get into a few fights if you're headed that way.

Other things to know

There are guaranteed two new weapons and one new vehicle exclusive to the desert map:

The first weapon is the Win94, which can be found all over Miramar. If we're going by the real-world Winchester 1984 - from which the weapon seems to be referencing - one can expect it to be a lever action rifle. 

Earlier this week, Nvidia's Twitter revealed another Miramar-exclusive weapon: the R45 Revolver, which looks to be a six-shot weapon. Expect it to play similar to the R1895, the pistol-class revolver in Erangel.

The third Miramar-exclusive is the not-yet-specifically-named pickup truck. Though it only has two actual seats, the vehicle might be a four-seater, as two more people could be put into the back into the truckbed.

There's obviously a lot more to this map than just the above, but with the map not officially out just yet, we can only assume based off of the sneak peek and the images we're getting from PUBG right now. You can check out the rest of the sneak peek here, on PUBG's update page on Steam.

Spanish to English translations provided by Geniz Hernandez.


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