PUBG Announces New Exclusive Desert Map Vehicle

PUBG Daniyal “DanikaY” Khan

Bluehole Studios announces a brand new retro-looking 4x4 pickup truck which will be exclusive to the new Desert Map.

Over the past couple of weeks, the entire PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds community has been sitting at the edge of their seats, in anticipation of the upcoming Desert map. However, it seems like the map is not the only feature the developers are going to be adding into the game with the upcoming new map as details on a new vehicle have come to light.

According to the developers’ official Twitter page, a brand new 4x4 is going to be making its way into PUBG. However, those of you who have been wondering if this new jeep will be available to use in the current map, we have some grave news for you. The 4x4 will be an exclusive. Hence, it will only be available to use in the upcoming Desert map.

Though it is currently unknown when players will be able to test out the new vehicle as the exact release date for the new map has yet to be revealed. But, with the developers constantly rolling out PTR test servers, we believe, the official release is just around the corner. Hopefully, we’ll get to know more about the upcoming update in the next couple of days.  

In related news, this 4x4 vehicle is not the only new feature that is being added into PUBG as previously a lot of information has come to light. A couple of days back, the files for the game were datamined which brought forward information linking to a couple of new vehicles and weapons. This information did include details regarding the newly announced 4x4. So, there is a high chance, those features will be coming with the forthcoming Desert Map.

However, since the developers have yet to announce details regards those leaks, nothing can be said for sure. It seems we will have to wait a little longer for the official word. Till then, why not give us a minute of your time and let us know what you think of the newly announced 4x4 Desert Map Jeep. 


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