Doyle Brunson Reacts to the Passing of Amarillo Slim

Posted by Tyler "pureonyx" Hancock at 10 May 2012 20:30
Brunson called his lifelong friend after learning he had been admitted to a hospice hospital for what would be their final conversation. “We talked for a few minutes and we both acknowledged he wasn't long for this world as we recalled some of the bright spots of our early years on our poker journey,” said Brunson “We said our goodbyes and Slim said ‘take care, I'll see you.’ In a pathetic attempt at humor, I said ‘not too soon I hope.’ Slim was laughing so hard he almost fell out of his bed as we hung up. But I have to admit I had tears in my eyes.”

The two players had formed a three-way partnership with Bryan Roberts during the early years of their poker careers. “We did this because of the dangers of being robbed and arrested. Slim knew more about the ways of the cheaters and helped us avoid being cheated.” Said Brunson. The partnership lasted seven years, having its highs and lows. As Brunson recalled, “We were robbed at gunpoint four times, arrested many times, and had several dangerous situations. Why did we continue doing it for 7 years? Simple, we loved poker.”

Slim was not just a great poker player, but an eccentric prop-better as well. Brunson recalled some of his greatest bets. “He beat Minnesota Fats in pool using broom sticks for cue sticks. He beat Champion Bobby Riggs playing ping pong with the stipulation he could pick the paddles. After Riggs agreed, Slim chose iron skillets for paddles. Slim has been practicing for months and he won easily. He bet he could outrun a racehorse for a 100 yard race. He made the race 50 yards, then turn around and run 50 yards back. Again, he won easily. I never saw him lose a prop bet when we bet serious money.”


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