Christopher Bonn Wins World Series of Poker Circuit Harrahs Philadelphia Main Event

Posted by Tyler "pureonyx" Hancock at 09 May 2012 10:04
The World Series of Poker Circuit Harrah’s Philadelphia Main Event wrapped up Monday night with Christopher Bonn emerging victorious, having conquered the 321-player field to take home his first WSOPC gold ring, a seat in the National Championship, and $109,760 in cold hard cash.

Bonn’s route to victory came through a challenging final table. Tuan Phan was pushing the action from the get-go, involving himself in a majority of the pots and raking in pile after pile of chips. But his aggression got the best of him in a hand against Ken Silverstein.

Phan 3-bet Silverstein on the button, prompting a 4-bet which Phan just called. The flop came Ad-Js-4s and Silverstein lead out for just over 2/3 pot. Phan quickly moved all-in and was snap-called by Silverstein who tabled pocket aces. Phan showed Ts-5s for the flush draw, but received no help from the dealer who brought the 3d and the Ac to the turn and river.

Silverstein would later finish as runner-up, taking home $67,863 after a short heads up match in which he hemorrhaged chips by folding repeatedly to Bonn’s aggressive betting, finally committing his stack with A-9, which failed to hold up agains Bonn’s dominated K-9.


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