Martin Kabrhel Leads Day 1a of the European Poker Tour Grand Final

Posted by Tyler "pureonyx" Hancock at 27 April 2012 09:59
The European Poker Tour Grand Final is back in Monte-Carlo after a one-year hiatus to Madrid. Nearly every big name in the game has made the trip and Day 1a of the Main Event is racked with talent. 271 players registered for the kickoff day, with many more expected for Day 1b.

At the end of the day, the man whose stack towered above all others was Martin Kabrhel who bagged up 167,800 in chips, just ahead of David “Doc” Sands who sits with 160,300. Kabrhel stack peaked out somewhere over 200,000 earlier in the day, but he lamented over some “silly” plays that brought it back down out of the clouds.

Sands acquired the majority of his chips from James Akenhead, busting him over the course of a couple hands, first getting paid off on an overbet on the river, then sucking out with A-Q against the Akenhead’s dominating A-K.

Freddy Deeb and John Eames shared a table with Kabrhel for much of the day and bioth managed to amass nice stacks of their own, bagging up 114,600 and 157,200 respectively, putting them both in the top 10.


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