Season 9 European Poker Tour Schedule Set

Posted by Tyler "pureonyx" Hancock at 27 April 2012 09:54
PokerStars announced some big changes to the European Poker Tour as the gear up for their 9th season. The total number of stops has been reduced, from 13, down to just 8. Each stop on the tour, however, will feature more events spread out over longer periods, many as long as two weeks.

The kickoff event is in Barcelona on August 15th, followed by San Remo, Prague, the Bahamas, Deauville, London, Berlin, and finally, Monaco for the Grand Final. The EPT is also teaming up with the Estrellas Poker Tour and the UK & Ireland Poker Tour to help broaden their exposure.

EPT President Edgar Stuchly commented on the changes, saying “We looked at every EPT season up until now and asked ourselves how we could make the tour even better for the players. In the end, every change comes down to making this a better tour for the people who make this tour what it is: our players."


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