Cengiz Ulusu Leads EPT Berlin

Posted by Tyler "pureonyx" Hancock at 19 April 2012 08:00
Day 1a of the European Poker Tour Berlin kicked off with a bang at the luxurious Hyatt hotel across from the Spielbank Casino in Berlin. Many Team PokerStars Pro players were among the 234 participants choosing to register for Day 1a, including Barry Greenstein, Theo Jorgensen, Vanessa Selbst, Angel Guillen, Martin Stazsko, Jan Heitmann, Henrique Pinho and Pierre Neuville. Of that prestigious group, only Stanko was eliminated before play ended for the day.

After 10 hours of play 110 players bagged and tagged their chips. Leading the pack was former EPT champion Vladimir Geshkenbein who amassed a stack of 201,600 chips, despite being down to just 15,000 early in the day.

Day 1b drew over twice the participants of 1a and the Grand Hyatt hotel proved to small to contain them all. Nine tables had to be opened up next door in the Spielbank Berlin to accommodate the 502 registrants. Of the 502, 219 remained as the last hand of the day was dealt. Cengiz Ulusu finished with the most chips, 242,800, stripping the chiplead away from Geshkenbein.


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