Fabrice Soulier Leads EPT Campione Final Table

Posted by Tyler "pureonyx" Hancock at 30 March 2012 23:48
At the start of day 4 of the European Poker Tour Campione 24 players remained, but in just four hours that number was reduced to 8. Play was fast and furious with plent of four and five-betting going on throughout the day. Fabrice Soulier was the days big winner and enters the final tbale as the chip leader with 3,480,000 in chips.

Almost immediately after the clock was set in motion for day 4, there was a series of rapid eliminations. Jose Manuel Nadal was busted my Carlos Mora. Moments later, Mora was busted by the ultra aggressive Simeon Naydenov. And just a few hands after that Naydenov busted Ronny Kaiser, who put committed the last of his chips with K3s against the A9s of Naydenov, and found no help on the board.

In the run-up to the final table chip lead, Soulier busted Adrian Veghinas, Alessandro Minasi, Giuseppe Biancouiso and Alexandre Andermatt. Biancouiso thought he could slow down the Soulier train when he finally looked down to see pocket aces. Soulier opened the pot with KQo, then called Biancouiso three-bet all-in shove. To Biancouiso dismay the flop came Q-8-Q, leaving him drawing dead to one of two remaining aces, which never came.


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