Floridas Largest Poker Room, Best Bet Jacksonville, Now Open

Posted by Tyler "pureonyx" Hancock at 28 March 2012 23:39
The parking lot of the Regency Square Mall in Jacksonville was at capacity and hundreds showed up for the opening of Best Bet Jacksonville, which is now Florida’s largest poker room. The 70-table card room primarily offers Hold’em and Seven Card Stud, but, by law, must also offer simulcast wagering.

Unlike all other card rooms in the state, which are either connected to a racetrack or operated by an Indian casino, Best Bet Jacksonville is a stand-alone card room and, in order to conform to Florida laws, must offer simulcast wagering on a certain number of races 140 days out of the year.

The World Poker Tour has already scheduled one of its Regional tournaments, the WPT Jacksonville Best Bet Open, to take place in the new card room. The $5000 event is set to run April 27th through May 2nd, and is expected to draw big crowds that will putt the facility and staff to the test.


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