Daniel Negreanu Banned from TwoPlusTwo Forums

Posted by Tyler "pureonyx" Hancock at 26 March 2012 08:23
It all started three days ago when Daniel Negreanu started a thread on TwoPlusTwo Forums about iSeriesLive, which he is participating in. “I assumed, as normal, people would want to discuss the series as they have with any other league, tournament, or tour." says Negreanu, but TwoPlusTwo officials removed the thread.

Then another poster started a thread called 'Live Betting on Poker' and was discussing iSeries. "Since I know a lot about it, I assumed they'd want knowledgeable people posting in the thread, so I added some comments and addressed some concerns voiced by a few posters.” Says Negreanu. TwoPlusTwo officials quickly closed the thread and removed it.

Negreanu then posted a link to his Weekly Rant, which began with a 30-second ad for iSeriesLive. That post was the final straw for TwoPlusTwo officials who proceeded to ban Negreanu for an undetermined amount of time.

TwoPlusTwo officials allege that Negreanu’s posts constituted spam because, as a player in the iSeriesLive poker event, he stands to benefit financially. The event, which kicks off next month in Dublin, allows spectators to see hole cards live and bet on the action. Players in the event will then receive a portion of proceeds of the wagers placed on or against them.


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