1º Brazil Extreme Dota2

Griffindor @ 12th May 2012 19:00 (Read 9,177 times).
1º Brazil Extreme Dota2 - http://www.cwgamers.com/new.asp?idNew=37

The first championship Brazilian Dota 2 performed by CwGamers in partnership with Pandaarts. Entries can be made up to the day 04/25/2012. The forecast for the start of the games is for the day 04/27/2012, these will be marked in common agreement between the teams and the organization.

Prize: $ 555,00 USD.

-Name of tournament: 1st Brazil Extreme Dota2
-Type: Time vs Time (5vs5)
-Country: Brazil
-Official Map: Dota2
-Mode Game: -cm
-Slots: 16 Teams
-Type: (Wins/Lose).
-Game Platform: Steam Dota2
-Registration: 4/25/2012 up 5/25/2012 day
-Entry fee: $ 50.00 dollars.

You can see the table from day 5/26/2012 via this link - http://www.cwgamers.com/br/torneios_regras.asp?idTorneio=38&idProprietario=2

Stream - http://www.cwgamers.com/br/stream.asp

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